Lorna Gibson, Gibson’s Bakery

“I do want to thank Legal Insurrection because you guys have been there from the start throughout this entire six years, and I really do appreciate all the coverage and just being there, it really helped for me to sit and look through all the comments and things every night. It gave me some hope. So thank you very much.”

Lee Plakas, Esq., Lead Trial Counsel for Gibson’s Bakery

“We’d like to thank Professor Jacobson. And we’d like to thank all of the readers because although you did not know it at the time, and the time that this family was going through the challenge, Legal Insurrection, Professor Jacobson, and your readers gave the family the support and the courage that they needed to persevere in what literally was a David and Goliath battle. And you don’t know this, but every night, our trial team, before we would retire for the evening…. we actually would read Legal Insurrection because … we wanted to make sure that in this battle that we didn’t miss any nuance that one of your readers or Professor Jacobson may have identified.”

Ramona Bessinger, Providence (RI) School Teacher

“Professor Jacobson and the entire staff at Legal Insurrection are true heroes. Without the help from Professor Jacobson and the editorial staff at Legal Insurrection, I would never have been able to expose the negative impact CRT is having on K-12 education. Legal Insurrection provided the media platform for me to tell my story from the classroom and to draw much needed attention to the many harmful anti American, racially divisive practices occurring in our schools. I am beyond grateful to Legal Insurrection and Professor Jacobson, because of their CRT coverage related to my experience in Providence Schools.”

Ellen Schaffer, Barrington (RI) Mom and Parents’ Movement Leader:

“Legal Insurrection’s keen understanding, focus on, and exposure of the facts helped me stand up for parents and taxpayers who opposed our local school system’s decision to “de-level” education in our high school in the name of “equity”. Professor Jacobson and his excellent team provided coverage that launched national and international attention, exerting the pressure needed locally to begin righting the ship of academic excellence our local officials seem intent on sinking. Thank you so much to Bill, Ilana, and staff for recognizing

Thomas A. Smith, Professor of Law, University of San Diego

“In March 2021 I got an unexpected call from my Dean in which he accused me of making racist statements on my blog, The Right Coast, and saying I would be investigated by my university. At a time when I was exposed and alone, a few brave academics, including some of my colleagues and notably Bill Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, came to my defense, publishing two stories and writing to the Dean directly. With the support of Bill and eventually many more like him, I prevailed against this attempt to cancel me. I will always be grateful to Bill and Legal Insurrection for standing up for me and for free speech.”

Former Faculty Member (Name and institution withheld on request)

“Professor Jacobson and his staff do extremely valuable work at Legal Insurrection. Those of us in mostly left-leaning academia whose beliefs do not conform and are treated unjustly as a result have an important ally. Anyone with an interest in the genuine free exchange of ideas without fear of retribution should support the great work that he does.”

Nicole Solas, Mom, South Kingstown, RI

“When my school board attacked me for asking questions, Legal Insurrection broke my story and followed it doggedly. Parents will prevail in the fight against indoctrination with the help of Legal Insurrection’s showcase of ordinary people who dare speak the truth in a time of extraordinary lies.”

Professor Gordon Klein, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

“Legal Insurrection called me a “hero” for suing UCLA after UCLA punished me for challenging a proposal that would have granted black students greater “leniency” in the exam and grading processes. After reading your coverage, numerous black readers wrote to tell me that such a “leniency” proposal demeaned them and was anathema to their values. My litigation fight in pursuit of equality for all continues on, but the real heroes are your readers and your organization.”

Prof. Samuel Abrams, Politics Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College

“Higher education has been heading down a dangerous path for over a decade now and Legal Insurrection has been there to promote the truth, document the madness, and support those in the academy who care about free speech, viewpoint diversity, and truly educating – not brainwashing – our students. When I documented the rise of the powerful and illiberal administrative class and was viciously attacked and smeared, Legal Insurrection pushed back and provided critical support; LI must be able to continue this for others as their voice cannot be drowned out by progressive mobs that seek monolithic conformity.”

Daniel Ravicher, Former Professor, U. Miami Law School

“Legal Insurrection was the only source for complete, accurate, and real-time reporting of the illegal actions taken against me by my employer after my conservative social media posts triggered the woke mob. Thanks to Legal Insurrection the truth spread faster than the misinformation and smears launched against me and the outpouring of support I received from readers of Legal Insurrection was nothing less than overwhelming. Legal Insurrection is an extremely valuable and critical beacon of truth in what can at times seem like an endless ocean of leftist fake news.”

Charles Negy, Former Professor, University of Central Florida

“Legal Insurrection has helped draw needed attention to professors’ cases–including my own–in which university administrators have punished professors for having vocalized ideas that challenge the “diversity/equity/inclusion” mantra. I am grateful to Legal Insurrection’s team–especially to William Jacobson–for all they do to highlight and pushback on “woke” orthodoxy that now has a stranglehold on most U.S. college campuses.”

Brittany DiOrio, Former Barrington (RI) Teacher:

“In January 2022, I was terminated from my teaching position for not following a vaccine mandate. Barrington was and continues to be the only district in the state of RI mandating/terminating teachers for not complying with a mandate. Legal Insurrection not only provided clear, accurate and precise information regarding our case, Professor Jacobson and his team took the time to hear our story and put into words what we had experienced during this incredibly difficult time. Legal Insurrection showcased the blatant overreach of the Barrington school committee as well as the current administration. Continued support and gratitude for the team at Legal Insurrection, who work tirelessly to get the truth heard.

”Dorian Abbot, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago

“The Legal Insurrection team provided excellent coverage of the two cancellation attacks against me. The information given was accurate and the analysis was extremely insightful.”

Ami Pedahzur, Professor of Government, The University of Texas at Austin

I will forever be grateful to Professor Bill Jacobson. He was the first person to contact me after members of the BDS organization attacked me and launched a campaign of character assassination against me. My sin was that I was born in Israel and founded the Institute for Israel Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Prof. Jacobson was not interested in my political views. He provided me with valuable advice and support without expecting anything in return. In addition, legal insurrection covered my attack in the most reliable and systematic way. I salute Prof. Jacobson’s integrity, and his commitment to protecting academic freedom.

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